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Platinum Companies & Protagonists - November 2016

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Hydraulic cylinders manufactured and repaired quickly and perfectly

Dogican: a reality that has its roots in the 70s, born "under a portico" as the founders Domenico Giacometti and Angelo Monfardini says. Since then, thanks to their constant commitment and the support of many valid collaborators, Dogican, a company specialized in the production and repair of hydraulic cylinders of all sizes, has greatly developed. The owners explain: "Over time the area of the company has more than tripled.Today the Dogican is divided into two factories: One in Visano, which covers an area of 8.500sqm, where 70 employees work, and that of Isorella, with an area of 14.000sqm and 10 employees. Our strength is the specialization: we produce and repair industrial hydraulic jacks Special cylinders from 1Kga to 400 quintals and stroke up to 18 meters for double effect, and up to 60 meters for telescopic. "

The owners are also co-owners of Isocenter, a company located in Isorella, which carries out work on behalf of third parties and precision mechanics. Moreover, for three years they have set up a new company, Servindustria, which mainly overhauls large cylinders and is the exclusive distributor for the North-West of Italy of high quality Chesterton gaskets.

But what is the hallmark of this dynamic enterprise? "Even if we create special and quality cylinders, we are able to maintain fast delivery and repair times (in cases of particular urgency even in the day), thanks to the considerable stocks of gaskets, raw materials and components present in our warehouse", specify the owners . Dogican exports throughout Europe for over 15 years and is on the market of Southeast Asia, with a turnover for 2016 is expected to grow by 10% over the previous year. "Among our customers include a2a Aprica, Cogne Acciai Speciali, Mauro Saviola Group, Marcegaglia, Tenaris Dalmine, to name but a few.We count on the flexibility of our production, in the near future we intend to develop, until it becomes our core if possible business, the sector of the revision of the cylinders ", Domenico Giacometti and Angelo Monfardini conclude with optimism.