Founded in Visano in 1976 by Giacometti Domenico and Monfardini Angelo, DOGICAN S.r.l. produces and repairs hydraulic cylinders of all sizes and lengths. The most modern technologies combined with the accuracy of craftsmanship made by expert technicians.

Since its origins, the company has designed and constructed high-tech cylinders, used in the most different industrial sectors: from iron and steel, naval, railway, port, lifting, and many others.

DOGICAN S.r.l. Today it is an international company with three plants and a commercial office in Italy.
DOGICAN S.r.l. distributes its products in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

Founded in the early seventies, the small DOGICAN S.r.l. it is a modern entrepreneurial reality, with an annual production of about 40,000 units.
The plants extend over an area of 11,200 square meters with an impressive production structure, consisting of cutting departments, turning (with CNC machining centers), sanding, milling, welding and assembly, as well as offices and warehouses.